Tottenham won Britain's first major European trophy in 1963
Barcelona have won the ECWC a record 4 times
Match Programme 1965 ECWC Final
Match Programme 1980 ECWC Final

European Cup Winners' Cup Last 4 1960-61 to 1998-99
European Cup Winners' Cup Last 4 1960-61 to 1998-99
Table showing every team to rech the European Cup Winners' Cup last 4 from 1960-61 to 1998-98.
The UEFA Cup Winners' Cup (also known as the European Cup Winners' Cup) was a football club competition contested annually by the most recent winners of all European domestic cup competitions. The first competition was held in the
1960/61 season, and the last in 1998/99.
The competition was then abolished to make way for a further expansion to the UEFA Champions League, with domestic
cup winners gaining entry into the UEFA Cup and from season 2009-10 to the UEFA Europa League.
ECWC Last 4
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ECWC 1963 Tottenham Hotspur - the first British Winners of a Major European Trophy